Ems conveyance of the Anthem of the Seas on March 10

Emsüberführung der Anthem of the SeasThe Anthem of the Seas started her Ems river conveyance on March 10. The new cruise ship for Royal Caribbean International passed the dock lock of the Meyer Werft shipyard at 14:30 clock local time. The next sub-goals were the “Friesen” bridge at Weener, the “Jann-Berghaus” bridge at Leer and the flood barrier at Gandersum.

To increase the water level of the river for the conveyance, the flood lock at Gandersum was closed for 36 hours.

The conveyance plan in summary

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
ca. 14:30 local time: Passing the dock lock (Papenburg)
ca. 18:30 local time: Passing the “Friesen” bridge (Weener)
ca. 21:00 local time: Passing the “Jann-Berghaus” bridge (Leer)
ca. 23:30 local time: Arrival at the flood barrier (Gandersum)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
ca. 03:00 local time: Passing the flood barrier
ca. 04:30 local time: Passing the city Emden
ca. 06:30 local time: Arrival at Eemshaven

This plan is subject to change due to wind and weather!

Source: Meyer Werft press release

The Anthem of the Seas is together with the Quantum of the Seas the third biggest cruise ship in the world and actually the biggest ever build in Germany. She is 348 meter long, 41.4 meter wide and has a gross-tonnage of 167,800 gt.

Video showing the conveyance of the Quantum of the Seas

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